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Still Feeling is a short documentary that celebrates the human spirit. Through a series of intimate conversations with friends and family over brunches, dinners and coffee; coupled with live musical performances and jam sessions at Habima national theatre, Israel’s top recording studio, in the desert, and at home, Yuval Goldenberg subtly addresses her childhood experiences; explaining the complexities of the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of this trauma.

Still Feeling is in the final phase of post production. This is the magical process of crafting the powerful footage we have into an outstanding documentary film. Please take part in the magic, and help us reach our $35,000 post production goal to ensure the continuation of this story. Click here to make a 100% tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor.


Yuval Goldenberg

Yuval Goldenberg is an Israeli singer/songwriter who is elevating her experience of child sexual abuse; demonstrating the beauty of human resilience through artistic expression. In the context of the isolation that is commonly experienced by victims, Yuval explores the power of connection using performance art as a means of healing.

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